Mushroom, the yummiest fungus around!

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Mushroom Risotto! Simply Delicious!!
Mushroom Risotto! Simply Delicious!!

Mushroom is a widely used ingredient in some many different cuisines and has a special place in every Italian’s stomach! We especially favour Porcini mushrooms! For something that belongs to the fungus family it sure tastes good! However, cooking mushrooms can come with certain terms and conditions which help ensure without which you run risk of having some ruined mushrooms! Have no fear! We’re here to help! Five tips to help you get the best out of your mushrooms!

  1. Start with the basics, when you’re buying mushrooms, look them over make sure they aren’t rotting, have any holes or worms. As much as possible avoid washing mushrooms, because they might lose some of their flavour. But make sure you dust them delicately with a cloth. Also, try and eliminate the dirt at the bottom by using  a paring knife.
  2. Mushrooms, especially wild ones can perish quickly so be sure to use them quickly! If they cannot be consumed at one, we recommend that you leave them to dry and then preserve them in olive oil and vinegar or freeze them.
  3. Most mushrooms needs to be cooked, but some can be eaten raw. Raw mushrooms, like porcini are delicious in salads!
  4. If you are cooking mushrooms, be sure to boil them before use! If you’ve frozen the mushrooms, be sure to soak them in water for some time so that they get their water back! Also, if possible save the water! It preserves the nutty flavour of the mushrooms and can be used in several other dishes!
  5. Make sure that when you buy the mushrooms, that they look a healthy colour! Don’t pick the ones that are too dark, old looking or broken apart! Spend some time to find the best mushrooms available!