Dessert the Perfect end to a meal!

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A well loved dessert, world over!
A well loved dessert, world over!

It’s no secret that the food in Italy is outstanding. No matter where you go, you will always find yourself surrounded by amazing cuisine. Every meal is a long affair, because let’s face it, we Italians LOVE food. One the things most enjoyable about an Italian meal, is the dessert! Who wouldn’t love something sweet to top off a rich, exquisite meal? But, like most things in Italy, there is a lot of variety. There are so many types of desserts that having too many at a time is likely to have you on a sugar rush for days! So here are our top 5 favourite desserts!

Panna Cotta

Also known as cooked cream, this stuff if delicious! Being as famous as it is, it’s available in a most restaurants, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to try it out! It’s often served with wild berries, a chocolate or caramel sauce! YUM.


Tiramisu, not only is it a favourite in Italy, but pretty much the whole world these days. However, one must really relish it in the environment it was created in!


Probably, the most obvious one on our list! Italy and gelato are almost synonymous at this point. So make sure that while you’re walking around Italy and enjoying all the sights and sounds, you have plenty of gelato stops!


Hard shells stuffed with ricotta, how could you go wrong with that!? You can’t really. Stop by a bakery and get yourself a fresh cannoli, by that we mean the hard shells are filled with the creamy ricotta only just before they are about to be consumed! A lot the time you also be given the option of having the ends dipped in chocolate chips, candied fruits or pistachios , we ask you again, how could this go wrong!?


  Again a famous one, perhaps one of the lighter ones in terms of richness. This is a biscuit and a delicious one at that!The full name for biscotti is biscotti di Prato (which translates into biscuits of Prato). These cakes are twice baked.