The Main Event : Secondi, Main Course!

Pollo ripieno con pistacchi , salsiccia e prosciutto
Pollo ripieno con pistacchi , salsiccia e prosciutto

We Italians love our food and nothing is more beautiful than a five course traditional Tuscan meal. Each course is prepared with utmost care, precision and love and no one course is favoured more than the others. However, there is one course that sometimes steals the show! The secondi, the main course! Here are some of our favourite secondi dishes that are mouth wateringly delicious!

Pollo ripieno con pistacchi , salsiccia e prosciutto

An epic combination of chicken, pork and ham; throw in some pistachio and you have the most perfect dish! You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who will turn this beauty down!


The very name of this dish can make people drool in anticipation of this fantastic treat ! These braised veal shanks are a delicacy in Tuscany and one you should definitely not miss out on. So simple to make and yet it’s sure to send your palate to culinary heaven!

Lesso in Francesina

Fragrant, rich and absolutely are words that describe this dish to perfection! This beef and onion dish can take two to three hours to prepare, but it’s definitely worth the wait according to us!!

Salsicce e Fagioli all’Uccelletto

Tuscan Pork Sausages and Cannaloni beans, a winning combination if we ever saw! The pork sausages are a speciality to the area and make this dish and absolute must have! It’s amazing to see what you can get when you mix some sausage, beans, garlic, peppercorns and the absolute hero, olive oil together!


A heart -warming traditional beef stew, it doesn’t get more traditional than this! This is another classic example of the culinary wonders you can produce without hundreds of ingredients. All you need for this beautiful dish is some beef, wine, garlic, pepper and tomato paste!