Not to be forgotten – Contorni!

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Contorni is probably one of the most under rated elements of a meal. Contorni, meaning side dish, almost always plays second fiddle for a marvelous main course. We believe that a little contorni can go a long way! It compliments your main course splendidly and make the meal complete. So here are some contorni dishes that tastes delicious and are easy enough to make.

1.It’s is as simple as peas and panchetta! Piselli alla fiorentina a.ka. Florentine-style peas

All you need to do is boil some peas and pancetta with salt and pepper to taste!

2.Sedani Ripieni : Who new celery could taste that good. Just stuf your celery with some minced meat, cheese, carrots and onion to make this amazing side dish.

3.Spinaci rifatti con l’aglio: Greens are aways good! Some lightly cookd spinach with garlic. It’s an extremely light side dish with flavours that won’t overshadow you main course and intead gently support it.

4. Patate Salvia e Rosmarino : Potatoes and rosemary, it tastes as good as it sounds! You’ll find yourself reaching for more and more of this!

5. Melanzane Ripiene: Eggplant is a favorite of ours in this area! Stuff it with some tomatoes, herbs, cheese and anchovy fillets and you’ve got yourself a winner!