villa pandolfini

Looking for Tradition: Villa Pandolfini and Battista Pandolfini

villa pandolfiniLooking for Tradition: Villa Pandolfini and Battista Pandolfini


Everything has a starting point. For what concerns our Academy, it is about the origin of Villa Pandolfini. The Villa dates to the Italian Renaissance period, when Battista Pandolfini commissioned it to the architect Desiderio da Settignano.

Battista was born in 1454 in Florence. His ancestor Giannozzo Pandolfini built the family palace in the current Via Pandolfini in Florence city centre. During the last decades of 15th century, we can find Battista as an important part of Naples’ economy, since he was appointed by Lorenzo the Magnificent as a Florentine agent in Southern Italy.

The Villa near Florence dates around his return to Tuscany in the 80s of the 15th century, where he continued his political career and friendship with the Medicis. Despite we do not know much about his death, we do know that he became a pillar of the Renaissance Florence during 16th century.