Pistoia Mountains

Winter Magic in the Pistoia Mountains – Tours of Tuscany

Pistoia Mountains Winter Magic in the Pistoia Mountains

Refill your inner self while exploring Tuscany and live a magic winter

Tuscany is not only famous for its art and the ancient cities you can visit. You can also find and live a skiing or a trekking holiday, without renouncing to a touch of history and a bit of culture. Some of Tuscan most magical mountains are just minutes away from the best resorts in the Pistoia Mountains.

Breathtaking views on the valleys, small medieval towns with abbeys and castles, traditional specialties: you will find these and more things to enjoy in the Pistoia Apennines.

San Marcello

San Marcello is a town sitting on a sunny hilltop. It is the first stop in the Mountains around Pistoia and offers the visit to ancient treasures: above all, the Romanesque Church of San Marcello. But there is more: there are guided excursions in which you will be able to cross ancient roads and experience unique landscapes.

Don’t forget to cross the famous suspended bridge!

San Marcello bridge


With narrow and winding streets, a main square, houses built with stone and framed porticos, Gavinana preserves today the structure of an ancient hamlet on the mountains. Gavinana’s history is marked by the hero Francesco Ferrucci. Regarding monuments, you will find the 12th-century Church of Santa Maria Assunta.

gavinana station


Cutigliano has medieval origins: it rises from the forest of Monte Cuccola and displays treasures from its past. But it’s not just history: if you want to hit the slopes in Doganaccia, Cutigliano is the perfect place to start.



Popiglio’s origins date back to Middle Ages, as a feud of the Giudi Counts. This little town features ancient towers and the remains of a castle. From Popiglio, you can follow on of four excursions on foot: this one leads to the medieval bridge of Castruccio.

ponte di castruccio

Serravalle Pistoiese

You will remember Serravalle Pistoiese for a medieval stronghold with narrow roads and small squares. One of Serravalle’s most strong points is the magnificent view from the stronghold: it will be a worthwhile trip! And don’t forget the Oratory of San Rocco and Sebastiano housing late medieval frescoes: just one step behind Renaissance.

serravalle pistoiese