Traveling Through the Lunigiana – Tours of Tuscany

lunigianaTraveling Through the Lunigiana – Tours of Tuscany

Traditional cuisine, nature and art in a beautiful land

In this blog or during one of our Tours of Tuscany, you probably have already heard of the region called Lunigiana.

Traditions of Lunigiana

Lunigiana is a historical region situated between Liguria and Tuscany and sharing a border with the Garfagnana. It is a part of Tuscany with so much history to tell: the Middle Ages are alive today in the Castles of the Malaspina family, or in the Romanesque cherches, or also in the Medicean Walls of Caprignola.

There is an interesting fact about language: Lunigiana is home for speakers of a dialect with Tuscan, Emilian and Ligurian inflections. You can expect a sort of historical mix in the typical cuisine as well: testaroli al pesto, torta d’erbe, frittini, bomba di riso, castagnaccio and pappardelle with rabbit sauce are but few examples of what Lunigiana can offer to a foodie. If you remember well, we teach some of Lunigiana’s most traditional recipes in our cooking classes!

villa malaspinaThe Via Francigena in Lunigiana

In some of the last posts, most of the Tuscan regions I talked about were unified by a beautiful presence, a “road towards civilization”: in fact, the first section of the Via Francigena throughout Tuscany starts here, in Lunigiana.

Trails for hiking, isolated towers and ancient fortresses appearing out of the woods, green valleys: in Lunigiana, the past becomes part of the future.