Three Itineraries to Enjoy Garfagnana – Tours of Tuscany

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garfagnanaThree Itineraries to Enjoy Garfagnana

This ancient region of Tuscany is famous for not only its typical spelt or Via Francigena it has green mountains wedged between Lucchesia, Versilia and Lunigiana, rivers and canyons, natural caves and lakes filled with life.

Garfagnana is the perfect place to look for some real connect with nature, ancient towns and the taste of Tuscan culinary traditions, perfect for families, children and couples.

In this post, I will show you three itineraries you might want to take, once you’re in Garfagnana.

Let me know what do you think of them!

serchio valleyThe Serchio Valley

The Serchio Valley starts from Lucca towards the Garfagnana and through the wonderful Serchio Valley. In Borgo a Mozzano, admire the favous Devil’s Bridge, whose legend tells that Satan himself built it in return for the first soul to cross it. But the villagers sent an animal and tricked the Devil.

Barga is an splendid medieval town set in front of the Apuan Alps. Wander through its ancient streets and admire the cathedral built more than a thousand years ago.

Typical produce of this area include the famous spelt of Garfagnana, porcini mushrooms and Biroldo, a traditional blood sausage you can’t find elsewhere.

wind caveThe Wind Cave

In Fornovolasco you will discover one of the most prized treasures of Garfagnana: the Wind Cave, o Grotta del Vento. The passing of years and the particular shape of rocks have given life to a wonderful variety of sighs. Not to mention stalagmites and stalactites, tunnels carved by the millennial action of water and shades of brilliant colors.

On the contrary, Isola Santa is one of the most romantic Tuscan Towns. In fact, Isola santa is nestled on the shores of a lake and it is like the town is emerging from the water. Experience this location with a pic-nic in the woods near the lake!

orrido di botriThe submerged village

Vagli Lake is an artificial lake with a very particular attraction on its bottom: a submerged village. The town is called “Fabbriche di Careggine”, flooded in 1946 to build a lake for an hydroelectric dam.

But that’s not all: head to Orrido di Botri for a real adventure. It is the largest natural canyon in Tuscany, carved by the waters over the past millions of years by the Pelago Torrent flowing from Bagni di Lucca.

You can today journey all over the canyon: sky-high wslls, freezing waters and perfectly clear waterfalls!