There’s something for everyone, at the Good Tastes oF Tuscany school!

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At Good Tastes of Tuscany cooking school, we have something for everyone. Whether you choose to partake in our single day or multi day program, we’ve got it covered! For example we have a vegetarian class which is specially catered to all of you who prefer o abstain from meat! That’s right, we have a special class that ensures to get to learn how to cook and eat all of the most amazing Italian vegetarian food there is! Here’s just a taster of what you could learn to cook with us!


Crostini con Melanzane Grigliata e Pecorino

Eggplant and pecorino cheese crostini


Serves 6-8


2 eggplants

6-8 slices of Italian or French bread, about ½ in thick

1 cup coarsely grated medium aged pecorino cheese (or parmesan)

extra virgin olive oil

Slice the eggplant fairly thinly and grill in an iron pan until both sides are brown (about 5 minutes on each). Place grilled eggplant slices into a dish and season with the extra virgin olive oil. Toast the sliced bread on a grill or toaster oven. Once done, drizzle the bread with olive oil, add the eggplant slices and the pecorino, then place in a hot oven so that the cheese melts. Serve immediately and enjoy!