Soufflé di Parmigiano – A Traditional Italian Recipe


Soufflè di Parmigiano

Parmesan souffle

Ingredients (serves 4)

• 150 g grated parmesan
• 60 g potato starch
• ½ L milk
• 4 egg whites
• butter to grease the souffle moulds


In a bowl mix together the parmesan and the cold milk. Place the potato starch in another bowl and dilute with just a little bit of milk to make a creamy sauce. In a pan add both the starch mixture and
the parmesan and mix well. Place on a slow flame and cook for about 20 minute stirring continuously. When the creamy mixture is at room temperature, add the eggs whites and beat very well. Take 4 individual small moulds and fill to three-quarters full. Bake in bain-marie for 20 minutes in a 140°C oven.