Salsicce Toscane – Tuscan Sausages


Italian sausages – salcicce – are in themselves worth a trip to Italy.

Italians take their food so seriously that the regional governments in Italy officially recognise certain produce that are typical of each region as part of the official Prodotti agroalimentari tradizionali italiani (traditional Italian agrifood products) list.

And Tuscany has more official agrifood items than any other region in Italy, meaning if you do plan a trip to Italy, you may also want to try some other great Tuscan recipes too.

In terms of the Tuscan sausages, this is the official list:

  • salsiccia con patate
  • salsiccia con fagioli
  • salsiccia di cinghiale
  • salsiccia di cinghiale sott’olio
  • salsiccia di montignoso
  • salsiccia toscana (sarciccia)