Risotto di parmigiano e zafferano

Risotto di Parmigiano e Zafferano – A Traditional Italian Recipe

Risotto di parmigiano e zafferanoRisotto di Parmigiano e Zafferano

Parmesan and Saffron Risotto

Ingredients (serves 4):

• 5 tbs grated parmesan cheese
• a generous pinch of Saffron stems


Follow the recipe for Basic Risotto. 5 minutes before you turn off the heat, add the saffron and grated parmesan cheese. Stir through the rice well (in Italian, ‘mantecare’). Cover and leave to stand 2-4 minutes. Serve hot.

Did you know that safforn and Tuscany can tell a common story? The red gold has played an important part in the history of San Gimignano, and we dedicated to it a post in this blog!