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Ancient grains

The Ancient Grains are all those grains which have not undergone intervention of selection by man and that have not been genetically modified, but which have remained original and 100% natural.
There are several species of ancient grains that have formed spontaneously in areas with different climate, altitude and soil type.
Among these the most famous and popular all over the world is to Kamut®(khorasan), which has become a trademark. The alternative are Saragolla,Timilia,Einkorn Buckwheat
But why this wheat are different and why eat them?
Firstly, for purely health reasons.
This wheat is not intensively farmed and usually organic ,during the grinding, which generally occurs with stone mills the entire wheat is crushed into the flour.
All operations that are performed in time on modern wheat, from cultivation to refining have made that you would change even from a nutritional point of view and become more rich in gluten to the detriment of the digestibility but especially the development of allergies.
Gluten sensitivity more and more frequently now is probably due to excessive consumption of flour rich in gluten.
The paradox, however, is that most gluten-free type of common wheat-based foods are actually unhealthy food. Check the ingredients and you’ll likely see some combination of rice starch, cornstarch, tapioca starch, potato starch and guar gum as a replacement for white flour. These are the same kind of highly refined industrial starches that raise blood sugar as much—or even more than—white flour.
So evaluate not using gluten-free junk camouflaged as health food. The majority of gluten-free eaters are not celiac but they think they are , we believe that using “OLD FASHION” flower, organic heritage wheat, freshly stone grounded all this people will feel much better without having the need to use gluten free products .
In the next article we will discuss in more detail the most common varieties of ancient grains.