Ravioli di Patate alla Mugellana

Ravioli di Patate alla Mugellana – A Traditional Italian Recipe

Ravioli di Patate alla MugellanaRavioli di Patate alla Mugellana

Potato ravioli from Mugello

Ingredients (serves 6):

For the Pasta: refer to Pasta fresca recipe

For the Filling:

• 600 g white potatoes (not watery)
• 100 g bacon • 6 tbs grated parmesan cheese
• 2 eggs • salt and pepper • 2 garlic cloves
• rosemary
• nutmeg
• olive oil


In a saucepan slightly boil the potatoes and let cool, peel and strain through a sieve. Sautè lightly the finely chopped bacon, whole garlic cloves and a little fresh rosemary on a sprig. As soon as the garlic begins to change colour remove with the rosemary. Place the potatoes in a bowl together with the bacon, oil, add 2 eggs, 4 tablespoons of parmesan, a little nutmeg, salt and pepper, stir well and leave to stand. Roll out the pasta, place the mixture onto the pasta, add the top layer of pasta, seal with your fingers then cut either with a knife or a pasta cutter. Boil the water, add a generous handful of salt and cook the ravioli, normally around 2-3 minutes. Remove gently from the water using a large slotted spoon to prevent breakage. These are wonderful served with a ragu sauce, made with either beef, duck, rabbit, hare or pheasant. Serve immediately and sprinkle with fresh parmesan.


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