Primi Course, because first is the best!

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The course that follows the antipasti is the much anticipated Primi course! And honestly, what’s not to love! It’s not just a filler course as you wait for the Secondi, no no! This course stands bold and proud and of course, delicious! The variety that comes under the primi course is one of the things that make it so highly anticipated!

Here are our top 5 !

Panzanella : We don’t think we need to explain why this dish is amazing! This bread salad is just a dream! So very easy to cook and yet just overflowing with vibrant flavour!

Pappa al pomodoro: This is a soup that often is like the identity of Tuscany! A thick tomato and bread combination, this soup is welcome at any table!

Pasta: The primi course includes what is often considered the national food of Italy, Pasta! Pasta in all its shapes, sizes and forms, who could say no?

Gnocchi di Polenta al Sugo di Carne : Ask any Italian if they like Gnocchi and the only answer you’re going to get is a resounding YES! What meal would be complete without such a well loved dish!

Gli Gnudi con Burro e Salvia or Ricotta and spinach dumplings with butter and sage : There’s an unwritten rule at our table. Any dish with cheese in it, is ALWAYS welcome ! So mix some ricotta cheese with some spinach and sage and you’ve got yourself a winner of a dish!