Paste con crema: delicious Italian pastry



This is a traditional Italian breakfast – a Brioche (no, not a Croissant), which can be filled with cream, chocolate, marmalade or just enjoyed plain.

Typically Italians will order a cappuccino and brioche at a ‘bar’ (the word used for coffee shop in Italy), where they will enjoy this sweet brekky standing at the bench.

That’s partly because if you are served at the table in Italy, you will incur a table service fee and/or table service prices.

Brioche pastry crumbs and the icing sugar sprinkled atop will fall like sweet, sweet snow on the ground.

The bar staff will chat away with the locals who stop by every day, not even having to stop to take an order, which is simply placed with a knowing nod after years of having the same delicious breakfast in the same bar each and every morning.

This traditional Italian breakfast is also the secret behind being able to enjoy a complete two or three course Tuscan lunch in the middle of the day!