Ossobuco – A Recipe

OssobucoTuscan braised veal shanks

Ossobuco means ‘bone’ and ‘hole’ and refers to the bone marrow inside of the veal shank that helps give this dish such a wonderful flavour.

Ossobuco was already made during the 18th century, but it did not include tomatoes yet, because they became a common ingredient only between the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century.

Despite some authors believe that Ossobuco has a very recent history, we know for sure that it became so famous thanks to the Italian migrants, who brought it from Lombardy, its birth place, to the rest of the world.

Ingredients (serves 4):

• 4 veal shanks, cut 3 cms thick

• 1 onion

• 1 stalk of celery

• 1 carrot

• 20 g butter

• olive oil

• 1 tin of peeled tomatoes

• 1 tbsp flour


Make a ‘battuto’ with the onion, celery and carrot. This means simply to finely chop everything. In a saucepan unite 4 tbsp olive oil and 20 g butter. Add the vegetables and cook on a low flame for 10 minutes. Lightly cover the ossobuco with the flour and then add to the saucepan. Add salt and pepper, the tinned tomatoes (first blend in a food processor) and cook, covered for about 1 ½ hours on a low flame. The sauce that you have at the end is optimal for topping a rice pilaf or baked potatoes to accompany the ossobuco.


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