Antipasto Platter: What (food) Dreams Are Made of!

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An Antipasti Platter is something, any foodie will tell you, dreams are made of. If you do it right, an antipasto plate can be the hero of any meal. It induces a very casual, relaxed vibe whether it’s a picnic, simple dinner or even a cocktail party!

Here are the main components that any antipasto plate absolutely must have, to help you along as you create your Antipasto platter!

  1. Meat : From prosciutto to sausages to ham and everything in between, you’ve got endless options. You don’t have to have them all, but make sure your guests do have a choice! You could also try to include some seafood, like shrimp into you platter. You can roll them, dice it or cube it and serve.
  2. Vegetables and Olives:  Serve a variety of vegetables to accompany the meat on the platter. You can serve these veggies in small bowls that you can place on the plate. You serve anything from sliced celery to roasted zucchini. You could also try some marinated artichokes, cherry tomatoes and any vegetable that suits your liking, really. Don’t forget one of the most important components of an antipasti platter, the olives. Make sure to serve both green and black olives, mix them together and serve.
  3. Fruits: Fruits are a refreshing addition to the platter, try to make sure that there are at least one of two fruits on your platter. They can be served in bunches on the platter itself, or in little bowls that are then placed on the platter. We recommend pears, grapes, cantaloupe. Another option would be to add dried fruits like, raisins, dates or apricot.
  4. Dips: An add on to the antipasto platter, a few dips that will enhance the vibrant flavours of all the food on the platter. Can be served alongside the platter or on the platter, depending on how big the platter is.
  5.  Bread: A must have. Set it alongside the platter, a nice variety of Italian breads would be a good idea, but any bread will beautifully compliment your antipasti plate.