Gluten-free diet in Italian Cuisine

Gluten-free Diet in Italian Cuisine

Gluten-free diet in Italian CuisineItaly has many surprises. It is especially known for its contribution of pizza and pasta to the world, but that’s not all it has to offer. Italian cuisine is diverse. The traditional manner in which all dishes are prepared using only the freshest ingredients. Great food is always intended to be the backdrop for great conversation, ensuring time at the dinner table with family and friends is well spent.
However, if you take a closer look at what this exceptional country has to offer, you might find that those diagnosed with Celiac disease, which are people who have a wheat, grain and barley intolerance, probably would be terrified to even consider the option of planning a trip to this culinary haven.
How can a country that specializes in a broad spectrum of wheat-based foods, featuring delicious commodities like focaccia and other unique breads and pastas with so many distinct traditional methods, be somewhere a mild or severe Celiac sufferer want to visit?
Well, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that Italy is one of the most accommodating countries for people who suffer from Celiac disease. Did you know that Italy offers their own Celiac residents a subsidy of up to €140 a month, to assist them in the purchase of high-quality gluten-free nourishment? Italian pharmacists agree that paying attention to your body’s dietary requirements is as important as taking medication. It is a nationwide effort where patrons can sit down, relax and enjoy Italian gluten-free cuisine wherever they are. It is also noted that eating non-glutinous grains, or by just balancing their intake of it, people tend to feel less lethargic after meals, this makes is a perfect solution for a light lunch, or meal anytime of the day! You will be pleased to know that these meals are delicious, as well as easy to prepare, for the whole family.
Each region, especially Tuscan cuisine for gluten intolerants, has their own adaptations of their traditional specialties, where non-glutinous local products, such as ancient grains with less gluten, are utilized. Food served is prepared in a highly hygienic manner which ensures that the diner would thoroughly enjoy their meal.
Italy really is a hidden gem in Europe for mindful travelers hoping to avoid gluten. Something to remember is that the Italian Society for Celiac Disease, or the AIC, was founded in 1979, hence it is no wonder that some of the world’s leading experts on Celiac disease are Italian. Just a mere 37 years later, time and experience has made certain that Italy is on top of its game, paying special attention to increasing the awareness and options of gluten-free cuisine; from menu to menu, hotels to backpackers, the revolution has begun.
The world-renowned Accademia Italiana di Cucina Pandolfini/Good Tastes of Tuscany has offered for years courses specialized in gluten-free diet. That is also because the love for Terroir in Tuscany has become the perfect setting for any cooking enthusiast, with care for any intolerance or disease. Tried, tested and perfected recipes such as Cecina are one of the favorites on Italian table, with chickpea flour as its basic ingredient. Fiori di Zucca ripieni e fritti, which is fried and stuffed zucchini flowers, is something that you will enjoy immensely.
The courses available at the Pandolfini Academy have been derived for any Cook who wishes to earn Michelin stars in their own kitchen. The preparation is extremely simple and satisfying. You can also be rest assured that procedure, as well as step-by-step goals, will be accomplished due to the highly patient approach of all of our skilled teachers.
Whether you are a Chef or a Foodie, Italian Cuisine is not an obstacle anymore, with the sunny terroir of Tuscany that has become the perfect setting to learn and cook gluten-free dishes, the Italian way.