Food, glorious Italian food!


If there’s one thing that you can sure you don’t what to miss out on while you’re in Florence, Italy; it’s the food! It’s not just having a meal, it’s an experience! So, once you’ve got your accommodation sorted (hopefully in one of our Villas :)) The next thing on your mind has to be food. With the crazy variety of food available all over Italy, we’ve come up with a short list of things that you need to eat in Italy!

  1. Pizza, yes we know that you can get pizza literally on every street in your hometown and around the world but Italy, is that land of the pizza! It’s where the pizza was invented and eating it in Italy will be a different experience all together!
  2. Tuscan Sangiovese: This wine has a type of intensity and integrity that you won’t find in many new age wines. It is beautiful compliment to any meal that you’ll have in Italy.
  3. Anything that has olive oil in it! Olive Oil is one of the major industries in Italy so you can be guaranteed that even if it’s a simple Fettunta (toasted bread with olive oil) if there’s even a drop of some Italian olive oil, that dish is going to be divine.
  4. Pasta is a world favorite food which has its origins in Italy! So be sure to have pasta in every form available to you, spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna and so much more! Go pasta crazy!
  5. Coffee, it’s a staple in Italy! You’ll be hard pressed to find a single Italian who doesn’t love their espresso. Not just in drinking it, but in making it as well. When you order a caffe, more often than not you’re likely to get an espresso, don’t be fooled by the tiny cup or the amount you are given, Italians like their coffee strong.