Faraona alla Cacciatora con Funghi – A Traditional Italian Recipe

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faraona-alla-cacciatoraGuinea fowl with mushrooms…’Hunter Style’

Ingrendients (serves 4)

• 1 whole guinea fowl cut into 8 pieces
• 35 g dried porcini mushrooms
• 30 g butter
• 8 tbs olive oil
• 1 small onion
• 3 cloves garlic
• ½ glass dry white wine
• 350 g chopped tinned tomatoes
• parsley
• 1 tbs flour
• salt and pepper


Place the mushrooms in a bowl with warm water for one hour to re-hydrate. In a saucepan heat the oil and add the chopped onions and the squashed garlic (not crushed but squashed with the back of a knife). Allow to cook for around 10 minutes then add the guinea fowl. Let the fowl brown on all sides, then add the wine and let evaporate for 3 minutes. Add the flour and mix well with the guinea fowl pieces, covering totally. You can then add the tomatoes, flavour with salt and pepper and let cook, covered on a low flame for around 30 minutes. In a second saucepan heat the butter with a garlic clove and then add the drained mushrooms and let cook for around 30 minutes, finishing with the chopped parsley. At this point the bird will also be almost cooked, so add the mushrooms and let the flavours unite for 10 minutes on a low flame. Turn off the stove and let sit covered for 15 minutes, then serve.

** You can also substitute the guinea fowl with chicken, rabbit or even turkey **