Dare to Live Tour Italy


Good Tastes of Tuscany was pleased to host a group of special guests in our Tuscany kitchen recently.

15 young Australian singers and musicians (and a lucky tour photographer who got to tag along!) stopped in for a hands-on cooking class in Tuscany.

They are travelling in Italy this summer as part of their “Dare To Live Tour Italy 2013”.

The trip around Italy was designed to help the musicians fulfill their dream of performing for others in a range of must-see locations around Italy and being inspired by the great Italian musicians along the way.

From the grand ruins of ancient Rome to Puccini’s humble home in Lucca, walking the same cobblestones of the world’s first university in Bologna, traversed by the great composers, Verdi, Rossini, Torelli and others, will begin to open the minds of these fortunate and talented artists.

All that is certainly enough to work up a great appetite!

Luckily the cooking and tastes of the delicious food in Tuscany, surrounded by the stories, music and people of a region was satiated after a day cooking in our Tuscany kitchen.

To complete their musical journey, these young musicians could be found singing down the Grand Canal of Venice in a gondola before working their way to their final performance from the well-loved and famous balcony and courtyard of Juliette in Verona, by which point they are sure to be totally  in love with Italy, its music, its way of life.

And of course, with the delicious Italian food.