Cheese, milk’s leap to immortality..

Cheese, one of Italy's many claims to fame!
Cheese, one of Italy’s many claims to fame!



..And what a delicious leap it is!

Cheese is one of the most loved and cherished food in the entire world. It can be used in everything from a salad to a main course to a pizza to dessert or just enjoyed as is. There are very few people who can resist cheese and the Italians are definitely not one of those! Now if there’ s one thing about Florence or the whole Tuscan region for that matter that everyone has heard of it’s the fact that, the food and wine this region is beyond amazing. So that of course means that you’re likely to find some amazing varieties of cheese over here too!! With the amount you will probably have planned to do during you’re time in Italy, you might just think ‘cheese? Maybe I can go without it.’ Banish that thought from your mind immediately and go get yourself some cheese. We’ll make it even easier. Here are 5 types of cheese that you must have while in Tuscany and be sure to buy some to take home with you too, too share with your loved ones or even just keep for yourself!

Accasciato – This particular cheese is extremely intriguing as it’s aged in a cave! It’s usually made from a mixture of cow and sheep milk, with buffalo milk thrown into the mix occasionally. You are likely to find it in two varieties; young and aged. Both are extremely delicious especially when paired with Tuscan wines and fruits like figs and grapes. It’s also a beautiful addition to a gratin or a casserole!

Caciotta Toscana: Caciotta is one of Italy’s traditional farmhouse cheeses. The young cheese usually has a more demure flavor while the aged variants have a more vibrant flavour.

Marzolino del Chianti: A classic soft Italian cheese produced in the dairies of central Tuscany, this cheese is made out of sheep’s milk!This cheese is produced using the vegetable rennet extracted from the flowers of wild artichokes. Usually served with a Chianti Riserva or some delicious fresh fruits, Marzolino is a fresh, soft cheese!

Percorino Toscana: This cheese is made from ewe’s milk. There is a wide range of uses for the cheese, which varies according to local traditions and the season. The delicate flavor of a young pecorino Toscano can provide an excellent complement to salad based AntiPasti. As the cheese matures and the flavorstrengthens, it can be eaten with fresh vegetables or fruits. Well matured pecorino Toscano is widely used across Italy as an alternative to parmesan for grating over a wide range of dishes, especially pastas. If you’re in Tuscany and attending our week long cooking program, you will get to witness how this cheese is made first hand!!

Stracchino:  A cow’s milk cheese, this cheese doesn’t need to be aged and is usually neaten very young!It’s extremely young and has a mild and delicate flavor. The name of the cheese derives from the Italian word “stracca”, meaning “tired”. It is said that the milk from tired cows coming down in the autumn from the alpine pastures, is richer in fats and more acidic. Stracchino is usually eaten on its own, but also commonly used as the filling for focaccia