Castagnaccio – A Traditional Tuscan Recipe


Tuscan Chestnut Flat Cake


• 400 gr sweet chestnut flour
• 100 gr raisins
• 50 gr pine nuts
• 50 gr crushed walnuts
• fresh sprig rosemary
• 2 spoons of sugar ( dessert spoon size not teaspoon)
• salt
• olive oil
• ½ litre of cold water


Put the raisins in some water to soak. Sift the flour and place in a large bowl, add the sugar, a pinch of salt then pour in half a litre of cold water and stir very well. Blend so there are no lumps. Add 2 spoons of olive oil and the raisins, stir again then pour into a rectangle baking dish that has been greased with olive oil. The mixture should be 1 finger in height. Cover the surface of the mixture with pine nuts, the walnuts that have been crushed and a little of the rosemary leaves form the sprig. Place in a preheated 200 ° C oven after pouring a little bit of olive oil on top. Cook for 30 minutes. The surface should be golden and a little crunchy.