Arrosto di Vitello Ripieno – How to Make it

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arrosto di vitello ripienoTraditional Stuffed Roast Veal

It’s not an easy task to have all members of an Italian family agree on the lunch menu. Fortunately, traditional Italian cuisine often helps to go over the standoff, with its simplicity and originality.

If you are asking: yes, the traditional stuffed roast veal perfectly accomplishes the mission, so the whole family can easily be happy and taste an incredible main course.

Here’s the recipe!


Serves 5
• 500 gr block piece of beef or veal
• 2 slices of tuscan prosciutto
• 2 slices of mortadella
• 2 eggs
• 1 ball of boiled spinach
• 20 gr butter
• salt & pepper


For this recipe you can use rump steak or the same cut of meat of veal. The meat needs to be cut so that it makes one long flat piece around cms thick when flat. Pre heat oven to 180°C . Soften the meat with a meat tenderizer. First make an omelette : whisk the eggs, adding a pinch of salt. Cut the spinach and cook in some olive oil, the spinach will reduce in size and become very moist. Add the beaten eggs and cook for 5-8 minutes covered on a low heat flame. Take the meat and lay it flat on a large piece of baking paper , place over the meat the slices of prosciutto, the spinach omelette and the mortadella. Roll the meat making a large salami, then tie together using kitchen string. Wipe over with butter and then make a “package” around the meat with the baking paper.
Place in the oven for 1.5 hrs at 180°C. Let sit before serving as you need to slice the meat so that the center can be seen and not fall apart so the meat should not be too hot. The juices can be used to make a warm gravy to serve over the meat.