3 Foodie Things to do along Via Francigena – Tours of Tuscany

monteriggioni3 Foodie Things to do along Via Francigena – Tours of Tuscany

Looking for ideas for your Spring or Summer in Tuscany?
Then you should know that there is an ancient and historical way passing through Tuscany: the Via Francigena. I dedicated to it a post here in the blog, because Via Francigena has everything you would like to experience in a traditional trip to Tuscany.
In fact, this ancient road offers an opportunity to discover local foods and sustainable ways with which small businesses use the richness of Tuscany.

In this post, I will tell you about some very interesting things you can do, as a foodie, along Via Francigena.

Discovering Tuscan Craft Beers

tuscan craft beersIt was the Etruscans that bought beer to Italy, more than 2000 years ago, almost before Rome even existed. Today, Siena is the third craft-beer producer in Italy: its beer is the result of high-quality local grains and of new ideas. Traditions and innovations together.

In fact, the 90 craft beer producers combine Tuscan specialties such as Marradi chestnuts, Maremma saffron, Garfagnana Spelt and the honey from the Apennines.

Buying Organic Pasta

tuscan organic pastaVal d’Orcia is one of the most beautiful regions of Tuscany. When you see a perfect Tuscan landscape on a photograph, it will almost certainly have been taken in Val d’Orcia. In the last years, some companies focused on the production of durum wheat and ancient grains by establishing organic farms.

Tasting DOP Honey

tuscan dop honeyLunigiana is a wonderful Tuscan region with so much to offer. For example, I did publish on this blog a recipe everyone in our lessons loves: torta d’erbe alla lunigiana. Lunigiana has woodlands of acacia and chestnut trees, that provide abundant nectar for bees and, consequently, honey. In fact, Lunigiana honey was the first in Italy to be appointed with the DOP status from EU: Denominazione di Origine Protetta – Protected Designation of Origin.


Enjoy wine on Via Francigena. The hills through which Via Francigena goes are dedicated to the production of San Miniato Reds, whites and Vin Santo. You should really try them on your trip!

Enjoy Medieval food. Not only unique landscapes, works of art, hamlets on the Via Francigena. You can also indulge in our Medieval culinary traditions. You won’t be disappointed!

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