Cotoletta alla Milanese: a Typical Recipe – How to Make it

cotoletta on the plateTraditional Milanese Veal Chop

The “Cotoletta alla Milanese” is a world known dish, like other specialties from Milano, like the famous Risotto alla Milanese.

Cotoletta derives from “costoletta”, little rib, due to the bone that remained attached to the meat. The preparation is simple yet a bit long, but every effort is worth it!

Buon appetito!


Serves 4 people

• 4 veal chops (3/4 cm high and at warm temperature)
• 100g butter
• 2 eggs
• 100g all-purpose flour
• 200g breadcrumbs
• salt
• a lemon

cotoletta on a forkPreparation

Make a few cuts on the outer skin of the chops so that it does not shrink during cooking and flatten with a meat pounder. Do not add
the salt during the cooking but only once the chops are ready onto the serving plate, so that they stay tender. Lightly flour the chops.
Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat them without adding salt, then dip them into the egg one at the time holding them by the bone.
Then coat then with coarse breadcrumbs (prepared roughly grating some stale bread only a few minutes earlier): press the chops with the palm of your hand so that the bread coating sticks and does not come off during cooking. Heat up the butter in a large saucepan: turn up the heat, and when the butter is golden brown put in the chops arranged in one layer. Fry 7 or 8 minutes on each side (they must be tender and lightly golden), arrange on a serving plate, season with salt and garnish with lemon segments. They are excellent cold as well. For this dish you must use top quality veal chops: tradition has it that each chop must include the bone to which the meat is attached like a flag to the mast. If you would like to try traditional Cotoletta alla Milanese, you can cover the bone, also called the handle, with aluminum foil, allowing your guests to eat it with their hands without getting too messy.

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